KCBWDAY1 Curious like a Monkey !

This year, I’m participating to the 4th Annual blog Week initiated by Eskimi.

I know, I’m one day late, I’ve just completely forget about the event ! Never mind, it just means that I have to publish two posts instead of one today !


For whose who don’t know about the event, the first topic is about to choose a House, like in Harry Potter, who would fit to your personality according to your knitting or crocheting projects. The choice of my House was really tough, thought ! So if I had to pick one and just one, I guess that would be :

The House of Monkey

Kniting and crochet blog week house of monkey

I’ve hesitated a long time between The House of Bee and this one but after a look of my projects, I have to admit that since the very first one, I always was looking at new challenges. I love to learn new techniques, to get new skills and to get out of my comfort zone. Don’t be fulled by my queue list on Ravelry, there is always or almost anyway, new techniques to learn in the projects that I’ve picked. Ok sometimes there is not but that’s not happen very often. I do knit or crochet for fun too so there is some good too in quite simple project.

I found quite unbelievable that a such ancients crafty arts like knitting and crochet can be so modern and always evolving by developing new techniques. I loved challenges in my jobs and in my sports activities, I guess that can’t be so different for my crafty activities !

If it’s not in the pure technical skills itself that will be by working new fibers like camel’s yarn to see how it will behave according different projects, different size of needles or crochets. Lately I’ve even started to learn how to spin with drop spindle, soon that will be in dying fibers ! There is so many to do but so little time !

4 thoughts on “KCBWDAY1 Curious like a Monkey !

  1. Bon, on avait que des abeilles et un ou deux singes… me voici toujours la seule lamantine française pour le moment (pour les blogs que j’ai aperçu).
    On t’enverra des bananes ou des cahouettes alors 😉

    1. Oh oui pour les bananes, séchées de préférence, j’adore ça !! ^^
      Je n’ai pas encore eu le temps d’aller voir les autres, blog, je vais
      courir lire cela ! 😉
      J’avoue que j’ai un peu la flemme de traduire le billet en français, je
      sens que la semaine sera in English…

    1. Je tente quand meme mais je ne suis pas sure de pouvoir aller jusqu’au bout ! D’ailleurs, je pense que je n’ecrirais les billets qu’en anglais…

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